We use video camera inspection to assist in our rooter services.


Modern technology like this lets us be as non-invasive as possible while diagnosing a plumbing issue. With waterproof cameras, we can inspect a sewer line and hard to reach piping without the need for a trench. Sure, we may have to dig one to make repairs, but our video equipment means we can be absolutely sure about what we’re dealing with. It takes all the guesswork out of rooter services.


When you call us, we send out a trained, licensed plumbing expert to handle any camera inspection. Rather than digging up your yard, we feed a flexible rod down into the pipe, carrying a high-res camera on the end. That way, we can move through the pipework easily, even traversing corners thanks to the elasticity of the rod. While it’s making its way through, we’ll see what the camera sees in real-time.


The great thing about camera inspection technology? It gives us a full, close-up picture of the problem in your sewer line, whatever it is. Above ground, it’s tough to tell if tree roots or corrosion is the culprit. We can’t be sure if a pipe is cracked or is housing a foreign object like grease. With a camera, we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with, so we can be absolutely sure we’re responding to the problem in the right way.


Call us anytime, and we can have a local plumbing team on the way, armed with the latest in video camera inspection tech.