Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Kitchens

Ritz Plumbing has been serving commercial property and business owners throughout southern California for more than eight decades. Our expanded team of professionals and our large service area allow us to be one of the most trusted companies for all types of commercial plumbing projects in and around the Greater Los Angeles region. If you’re in need of assistance for a commercial kitchen project, contact us for help.

Although you may consider tackling your commercial kitchen project yourself, it’s important to work with an experienced, licensed professional. Plumbing regulations are complex in California, particularly when it comes to food, and your commercial kitchen should be equipped to run efficiently and legally. The team of commercial plumbers at Ritz Plumbing are not only customer service-oriented and prompt, but we are experienced and skilled within the hospitality industry.

Commercial Bathrooms

Believe it or not, but your bathrooms say a lot about how you run your company, regardless of the industry in which you work. Backed-up drains, clogged toilets and leaky faucets can turn people away and potentially damage an otherwise pleasurable business relationship, so why risk losing customers?

On the other hand, a gorgeous, fully functional commercial bathroom can put existing and future customers, visitors and your employees at ease. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a commercial bathroom, however, it’s also important to install utility-saving fixtures to help reduce your carbon footprint and save money along the way. To learn more about low-flow faucets and toilets that can lower your costs and increase your profits, contact Ritz Plumbing today.

HOA Maintenance

Are you a property management specialist seeking HOA maintenance services? The team at RItz Plumbing offers similar services for our residential customers, and we can certainly help you, too. We understand how important it is to perform all repairs and maintenance as scheduled to satisfy not only your existing residents but also new tenants that may be considering a move to your area as well.

We provide a number of homeowners’ association maintenance services, including scheduled maintenance to prevent significant issues later down the road as well as emergency repairs if you need assistance right away. Due to the often-large tenant base associated with HOAs, it’s important to consider the effect that our systems have on the environment. Ritz Plumbing can provide energy-saving toilets, water heaters and other fixtures to help reduce waste, lower utility usage and decrease our carbon footprint.

New Construction

Here at Ritz Plumbing, we love new commercial construction projects. The excitement and anticipation of being involved with a new business in southern California thrills us, and our large-scale company has the experience, tools and knowledge to help with your commercial plumbing needs, regardless of the size of your project. To ensure your new commercial construction venture satisfies local building code requirements and meets deadlines, contact our team today.

Each member of our staff is licensed and insured to provide a number of commercial plumbing services on new projects throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and as far south as San Diego. Approved applicants may take advantage of interest-free financing, and we offer free verbal estimates to every client who wishes to use our services. Ready to get a jump-start on your new commercial construction project? We’re just a phone call away.