Trenchless sewer repairs

Full trenchless sewer repair services from LA’s resident experts.

Subsurface construction can really scare people. No wonder. Homeowner’s minds jump to a front lawn that looks like a building site for months. Businesses picture lost customers. Sewer damage is pretty much a worst case scenario for most people. But, with modern technology like video camera inspection, trenchless sewer replacement and repairs can make the situation a little more palatable.

Old pipe is just that – old. That makes it more susceptible to damage, cracks, and general wear than new pipe installations. When sewers start to struggle, it’s time for repair or replacement. A good plumber with the right equipment has a number of options. If aesthetics aren’t a priority, they could dig down to the sewer line to see what the problem is. Sometimes it’s just wear, others it’s tree roots crushing the pipe work. If our customer does care about the appearance of their property, or if there are immovable obstacles that mean we can’t get down there, trenchless sewer treatments are a great option, because they’re ‘no-dig’. It’s true that most people don’t know trenchless methods are even available, but they are, and they’re an excellent option in certain cases.

We can lay a trenchless sewer line with minimal excavation.

If we consult with you, inspect the area, and decide trenchless is the way to go, we have a few choices to make. We could feed a pipe lining through the sewer, or use pipe bursting instead. Pipe lining doesn’t break the old pipe. We feed a tube coated with a resin through, then inflate it. After a couple of hours, the resin becomes solid, and voila, that’s your new pipe. It’ll reduce the size of your lateral a little, but it won’t prevent effective flow from your property.

Pipe bursting is a little more robust, because it can still run through the old sewer line if there are minor obstructions like cracks, broken laterals or small tree roots. We pull a new pipe straight through the old one, breaking the latter as we go. Again, the new pipe takes over as the sewer line.   It’s a durable, long-lasting treatment, and neither methods will make a mess above the ground.

Project management for your trenchless sewer replacement project.

Any trenchless sewer treatment is a big job. Customers often call us worried, nervous, or in full panic mode. With Ritz, there’s no need for that. We’ve undertaken hundreds of trenchless sewer repair and replacement projects, so we’ve seen it all before. When you work with us, you benefit from decades of experience, time-tested plumbing professionals, and the very best in industry equipment. We’ll walk you through the entire project, and be there to manage it start to finish. That means we can respond to in-the-moment changes, keep you in the loop, and get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Sewer repairs aren’t simple, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about them. We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us anytime to discuss your rooting project, and we’ll be on the way as soon as you’re ready.